Road to the Farm

Wisdom From My Daddy

IMG_0155This is something I have been thinking for a while but hadn’t really put into words. I was talking to my mom and she dropped this little gem on me. It is something my dad used to say to her when she was frustrated with us kids.

A couple days ago my oldest boy came in and told me our 3 week old chicks were cold. It was kind of a windy day so I figured that was the only reason. He put their cover on and I assumed that would take care of the problem. But they were still quite noisy, so I sent him out to check their water. He said the water level was good. A few more minutes passed and they were not quieting down. I asked him why they were so fussy. When he could not tell me I decided I better go check. As chicks so often do, they had spilled a bunch of their water and their bedding was wet. It was easy to take care of and they were soon warm and happy. Even though I asked all of the right questions and he checked each of those things he couldn’t pin point the problem.


Rustic Log Planter



How does a man say “I love you?” By making you a hand hewn log planter of course! My dear sweet hubby created this for me last year as I was going hog wild buying up every flower I came across.¬†We used to live in southern Arizona. I always wanted to grow beautiful flowers in planters and beds everywhere but seemed to be constantly thwarted by the heat, javelinas or bugs. I gave up pretty quickly. My sister is amazing! She embraces her desert surroundings and grows a gorgeous native plant oasis. I wanted flowers without spiky thorns that came in pinks and purples! So when we moved to Idaho and everything I plunked into soil flourished I just couldn’t help but buy more! It was like a vicious cycle. I would buy flowers and then need more pots. Then I would buy pots and need more flowers…hahaha! Now, I am a frugal mama. I found awesome sales and managed to fit it into our budget. I found several plants for pennies. Another way we saved was with this gorgeous log planter! My hubby obviously knows the way to my heart! My heart will always live in the mountains and the more I can bring that down onto the plains where we live the happier I am. I am guessing by now you are wishing you had a log planter too! Watch this awesome YouTube video to learn how to make your own.