Road to the Farm

Come follow our journey on the road to the farm

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All of our products are handcrafted here on the homestead

Weighted Pin Cushion

Lots of colors and patterns available

Loom Woven Potholders

Hand woven by the Road to the Farm kids

Gluten Free Recipes

Whole food recipes. So easy to make!
  • Love the yummy spices! Perfect for fall!
  • Pumpkin muffins melt in your mouth
  • You wouldn't know they were gluten free

My Story

Melanie "Homestead Mama"
I struggle with fibromyalgia and auto-immune hypothyroidism. I was laid out, unable to care for my children ill. Watch this video to see how I turned my health around to be able to homestead! 

Store up for the winter

Melanie "Homestead Mama"
The kids and I had a couple of really big peach canning days this summer. Watch how we put up 111 quarts of canned peaches.

Lets Can Dried Beans!

Melanie "Homestead Mama"
Don't let pressure canning fear hold you back! Canning dried beans is an amazing time saver when you prepare and eat meals from scratch. With only a few minutes of your time you can put away beans ready to eat or be used in more complex dishes. Follow my video and the fear will melt away. Happy canning!

New on our blog

Where we chronicle our adventures and the fun things we are learning.
  • Muffins!

    Gluten free has never tasted so good! These muffins are so delicious you can share them with your gluten-eating friends and they will be worried about you having a bad reaction when you start eating them too.
  • Wisdom from My Daddy

    Is it reasonable to expect that when given a chore your child will follow through and do it like you asked?
  • Make Your Own Log Planter

    The man will show you how to carve out a log to use as a planter. Repurpose a fallen tree and create something unique.